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Kelly Madison – Sue Diamond Hot Movie

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We did not go into the bedroom. I decided to take her right here on the carpet. Her clothes went away and I went on kissing and shaking down the road down the front of her body. At the right distance below her navel, I knelt on my knees, put her thighs on her shoulders, and lifted her body so that only the head and neck touched the floor. In that position, I looked down at her stiff, flat torso, then I lowered my head and took all of her juicy pussy into my mouth.

She waved and whined in that position on my shoulders for a few minutes. God, how I loved licking Sue Diamond! Her juices flowed over my chin and breasts, my hands kneading her buttocks and clinging to her chest and abdomen. The whole body was shaking, and I felt the walls of her cunt clutching my tongue. She was ready for penetration. She slammed through syllables, interrupted sighs that she wanted me inside.ot.

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